Test bank for PFIN 6 6th Edition by Randall Billingsley

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Test bank for PFIN 6 6th Edition by Randall Billingsley

Table of Contents

Part 1: Foundations of Financial Planning
Chapter 1: Understanding the Financial Planning Process
1-1 The Rewards of Sound Financial Planning
1-2 The Personal Financial Planning Process
1-3 From Goals to Plans: A Lifetime of Planning
1-4 The Planning Environment
1-5 What Determines Your Personal Income?
Chapter 2: Using Financial Statements and Budgets
2-1 Mapping Out Your Financial Future
2-2 The Balance Sheet: How Much Are You Worth Today?
2-3 The Income and Expense Statement: What We Earn and Where It Goes
2-4 Using Your Personal Financial Statements
2-5 Cash In and Cash Out: Preparing and Using Budgets
2-6 The Time Value of Money: Putting a Dollar Value on Financial Goals
Chapter 3: Preparing Your Taxes
3-1 Understanding Federal Income Tax Principles
3-2 It’s Taxable Income that Matters
3-3 Calculating and Filing Your Taxes
3-4 Other Filing Considerations
3-5 Effective Tax Planning
Part 2: Managing Basic Assets
Chapter 4: Managing Your Cash and Savings
4-1 The Role of Cash Management in Personal Financial Planning
4-2 Today’s Financial Services Marketplace
4-3 A Full Menu of Cash Management Products
4-4 Maintaining a Checking Account
4-5 Establishing a Savings Program
Chapter 5: Making Automobile and Housing Decisions
5-1 Buying an Automobile
5-2 Leasing a Car
5-3 Meeting Housing Needs: Buy or Rent?
5-4 How Much Housing Can You Afford?
5-5 The Home-Buying Process
5-6 Financing the Transaction
Part 3: Managing Credit
Chapter 6: Using Credit
6-1 The Basic Concepts of Credit
6-2 Credit Cards and Other Types of Open Account Credit
6-3 Obtaining and Managing Open Forms of Credit
6-4 Using Credit Wisely
Chapter 7: Using Consumer Loans
7-1 Basic Features of Consumer Loans
7-2 Managing Your Credit
7-3 Single-Payment Loans
7-4 Installment Loans
Part 4: Managing Insurance Needs
Chapter 8: Insuring Your Life
8-1 Basic Insurance Concepts
8-2 Why Buy Life Insurance?
8-3 How Much Life Insurance is Right for You?
8-4 What Kind of Policy is Right for You?
8-5 Buying Life Insurance
8-6 Key Features of Life Insurance Policies
Chapter 9: Insuring Your Health
9-1 The Importance of Health Insurance Coverage
9-2 Health Insurance Plans
9-3 Health Insurance Decisions
9-4 Medical Expense Coverage and Policy Provisions
9-5 Long-Term-Care Insurance
9-6 Disability Income Insurance
Chapter 10: Protecting Your Property
10-1 Basic Principles of Property Insurance
10-2 Homeowner’s Insurance
10-3 Automobile Insurance
10-4 Other Property and Liability Insurance
10-5 Buying Insurance and Settling Claims
Part 5: Managing Investments
Chapter 11: Investment Planning
11-1 The Objectives and Rewards of Investing
11-2 Securities Markets
11-3 Making Transactions in the Securities Markets
11-4 Becoming an Informed Investor
11-5 Online Investing
11-6 Managing Your Investment Holdings
Chapter 12: Investing in Stocks and Bonds
12-1 The Risks and Rewards of Investing
12-2 Investing in Common Stock
12-3 Investing in Bonds
Chapter 13: Investing in Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Real Estate
13-1 Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds: Some Basics
13-2 Types of Funds and Fund Services
13-3 Making Mutual Fund and ETF Investments
13-4 Investing in Real Estate
Part 6: Retirement and Estate Planning
Chapter 14: Planning for Retirement
14-1 An Overview of Retirement Planning
14-2 Social Security
14-3 Pension Plans and Retirement Programs
14-4 Annuities
Chapter 15: Preserving Your Estate
15-1 Principles of Estate Planning
15-2 Thy Will Be Done…
15-3 Trusts
15-4 Federal Unified Transfer Taxes
15-5 Calculating Estate Taxes
15-6 Estate Planning Techniques

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