Test Bank for Operations Management 11st Edition William Stevenson

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Test Bank for Operations Management 11st Edition William Stevenson

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Table Of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Operations Management
1. Operations and Productivity
2. Operations Strategy in a Global Environment
3. Project Management
4. Forecasting
Part II. Designing Operations
5. Design of Goods and Services
S5. Sustainability in the Supply Chain
6. Managing Quality
S6. Statistical Process Control
7. Process Strategy
S7Capacity and Constraint Management
8. Location Strategies
9. Layout Strategies
10. Human Resources, Job Design, and Work Measurement
Part III. Managing Operations
11. Supply-Chain Management
S11. Supply-Chain Analytics
12. Inventory Management
13. Aggregate Planning and SandOP
14. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and ERP
15. Short-Term Scheduling
16. Just-in-Time, TPS, and Lean Operations
17. Maintenance and Reliability
Part IV. Business Analytic Modules
A. Decision-Making Tools
B. Linear Programming
C. Transportation Models
D. Waiting-Line Models
E. Learning Curves
F. Simulation
Online Tutorials
1. Statistical Tools for Managers
2. Acceptance Sampling
3. The Simplex Method of Linear Programming
4. The MODI and VAM Methods of Solving Transportation Problems
5. Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

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