Test bank for MGMT 11th Edition by Chuck Williams

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Test bank for MGMT 11th Edition by Chuck Williams

Table of Contents

1 Management
1-1 Management Is
1-2 Management Functions
1-3 Kinds of Managers
1-4 Managerial Roles
1-5 What Companies Look for in Managers
1-6 Mistakes Managers Make
1-7 The Transition to Management: The First Year
1-8 Competitive Advantage through People
2 The History of Management
2-1 The Origins of Management
2-2 Scientific Management
2-3 Bureaucratic and Administrative Management
2-4 Human Relations Management
2-5 Operations, Information, Systems, and Contingency Management
3 Organizational Environments and Cultures
3-1 Changing Environments
3-2 General Environment
3-3 Specific Environment
3-4 Making Sense of Changing Environments
3-5 Organizational Cultures: Creation, Success, and Change
4 Ethics and Social Responsibility
4-1 Workplace Deviance
4-2 U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines for Organizations 72 4-3 Influences on Ethical Decision
4-4 Practical Steps to Ethical Decision Making
4-5 To Whom Are Organizations Socially Responsible? 82 4-6 For What Are Organizations Socially Res
4-7 Responses to Demands for Social Responsibility
4-8 Social Responsibility and Economic Performance
5 Planning and Decision Making
5-1 Benefits and Pitfalls of Planning
5-2 How to Make a Plan That Works
5-3 Planning from Top to Bottom
5-4 Steps and Limits to Rational Decision Making
5-5 Using Groups to Improve Decision Making
6 Organizational Strategy
6-1 Sustainable Competitive Advantage
6-2 Strategy-Making Process
6-3 Corporate-Level Strategies
6-4 Industry-Level Strategies
6-5 Firm-Level Strategies
7 Innovation and Change
7-1 Why Innovation Matters
7-2 Managing Innovation
7-3 Organizational Decline: The Risk of Not Changing
7-4 Managing Change
8 Global Management
8-1 Global Business, Trade Rules, and Trade Agreements
8-2 Consistency or Adaptation
8-3 Forms for Global Business
8-4 Finding the Best Business Climate
8-5 Becoming Aware of Cultural Differences
8-6 Preparing for an International Assignment
9 Designing Adaptive Organizations
9-1 Departmentalization
9-2 Organizational Authority
9-3 Job D esign
9-4 Intraorganizational Processes
9-5 Interorganizational Processes
10 Managing Teams
10-1 The Good and Bad of Using Teams
10-2 Kinds of Teams
10-3 Work Team Characteristics
10-4 Enhancing Work Team Effectiveness
11 Managing Human Resource Systems
11-1 Employment Legislation
11-2 Recruiting
11-3 Selection
11-4 Training
11-5 Performance Appraisal
11-6 Compensation and Employee Separation
12 Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce
12-1 Diversity: Differences That Matter
12-2 Surface-Level Diversity
12-3 Deep-Level Diversity
12-4 Managing Diversity
13 Motivation
13-1 Basics of Motivation
13-2 Equity Theory
13-3 Expectancy Theory
13-4 Reinforcement Theory
13-5 Goal-Setting Theory
13-6 Motivating with the Integrated Model
14 Leadership
14-1 Leaders versus Managers
14-2 Who Leaders Are and What Leaders Do
14-3 Putting Leaders in the Right Situation: Fiedler’s Contingency Theory
14-4 Adapting Leader Behavior: Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership® Theory
14-5 Adapting Leader Behavior: Path-Goal Theory
14-6 Adapting Leader Behavior: Normative Decision Theory
14-7 Visionary Leadership
15 Managing Communication
15-1 Perception and Communication Problems
15-2 Kinds of Communication
15-3 Managing One-on-One Communication
15-4 Managing Organization-Wide Communication
16 Control
16-1 The Control Process
16-2 Control Methods
16-3 What to Control
17 Managing Information
17-1 Strategic Importance of Information
17-2 Characteristics and Costs of Useful Information
17-3 Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information
17-4 Accessing and Sharing Information and Knowledge
18 Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations
18-1 Productivity
18-2 Quality
18-3 Service Operations
18-4 Manufacturing Operations
18-5 Inventory

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