Test bank for Human Resource Management v. 1.0 1st Edition by Laura Portolese Dias

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Test bank for Human Resource Management v. 1.0 1st Edition by Laura Portolese Dias

Table of Contents

Author Bio
Chapter 1: The Role of Human Resources
1.1 Human Resource Management Day To Day
1.2 What Is Human Resources?
1.3 Skills Needed For Hrm
1.4 Today’s Hrm Challenges
1.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 2: Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans
2.1 The Value Of Planning
2.2 Strategic Planning
2.3 Writing The Hrm Plan
2.4 Tips In Hrm Planning
2.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 3: Diversity and Multiculturalism
3.1 Hiring Multicultural
3.2 Diversity And Multiculturalism
3.3 Diversity Plans
3.4 Multiculturalism And The Law
3.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 4: Recruitment
4.1 Keeping Up With Growth
4.2 The Recruitment Process
4.3 The Law And Recruitment
4.4 Recruitment Strategies
4.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 5: Selection
5.1 The Interview
5.2 The Selection Process
5.3 Criteria Development And Résumé Review
5.4 Interviewing
5.5 Testing And Selecting
5.6 Making The Offer
5.7 Cases And Problems
Chapter 6: Compensation and Benefits
6.1 Matching Compensation With Core Values
6.2 Goals Of A Compensation Plan
6.3 Developing A Compensation Package
6.4 Types Of Pay Systems
6.5 Other Types Of Compensation
6.6 Cases And Problems
Chapter 7: Retention and Motivation
7.1 Dissatisfaction Isn’t Always About Pay
7.2 The Costs Of Turnover
7.3 Retention Plans
7.4 Implementing Retention Strategies
7.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 8: Training and Development
8.1 Training: Not Like It Used To Be
8.2 Steps To Take In Training An Employee
8.3 Types Of Training
8.4 Training Delivery Methods
8.5 Designing A Training Program
8.6 Cases And Problems
Chapter 9: Successful Employee Communication
9.1 The Biggest Challenge
9.2 Communication Strategies
9.3 Management Styles
9.4 Cases And Problems
Chapter 10: Managing Employee Performance
10.1 A Dilemma
10.2 Handling Performance
10.3 Employee Rights
10.4 Cases And Problems
Chapter 11: Employee Assessment
11.1 A Tough Conversation
11.2 Performance Evaluation Systems
11.3 Appraisal Methods
11.4 Completing And Conducting The Appraisal
11.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 12: Working with Labor Unions
12.1 Unhappy Employees Could Equal Unionization
12.2 The Nature Of Unions
12.3 Collective Bargaining
12.4 Administration Of The Collective Bargaining Agreement
12.5 Cases And Problems
Chapter 13: Safety and Health at Work
13.1 Training For Safety
13.2 Workplace Safety And Health Laws
13.3 Health Hazards At Work
13.4 Cases And Problems
Chapter 14: International HRM
14.1 Things Weren’t What They Seemed
14.2 Offshoring, Outsourcing
14.3 Staffing Internationally
14.4 International Hrm Considerations
14.5 Cases And ProblemsL

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