Test Bank for Exploring Economics 6th Edition Robert Sexton

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Test Bank for Exploring Economics 6th Edition Robert Sexton

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Table Of Contents

1. The Role and Method of Economics.
2. Economics: Eight Powerful Ideas.
3. Scarcity, Trade-Off, and Production Possibilities.
4. Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium.
5. Markets in Motion and Price Controls.
6. Elasticity..
7. Market Efficiency and Welfare.
8. Market Failure.
9. Public Finance and Public Choice.
10. Consumer Choice Theory.
11. The Firm: Production and Cost.
12. Firms in Perfectly Competitive Markets.
13. Monopoly and Antitrust.
14. Monopolistic Competition and Product Differentiation.
15. Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior.
16. The Markets for Labor, Capital, and Land.
17. Income, Poverty and Health Care.
18. Introduction of Macroeconomics: Unemployment, Inflation, and Economic Fluctuations.
19. Measuring Economic Performance.
20. Economic Growth in the Global Economy.
21. Financial Markets, Savings, and Investment.
22. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply.
23. The Aggregate Expenditure Model.
24. Fiscal Policy.
25. Monetary Institutions.
26. The Federal Reserve System and Monetary Policy.
27. Issues in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy.
28. International Trade.
29. International Finance.

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