Test Bank for Drugs Brain and Behavior 6th Edition David Grilly

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Test Bank for Drugs Brain and Behavior 6th Edition David Grilly

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1. Psychopharmacology in Perspective
Chapter 2: Drug Classification and Behavioral Assessment
New text discussions on the methods used for behavioral assessment of psychoactive drugs.
Chapter 3: Basic Principles of Pharmacology
New text discussion on the analysis of dose-response curves in psychopharmacology with updated information about pharmacogenetic and ethnic factors in psychopharmacology.
Chapter 4: Excitability and Chemical Properties of Nerve Cells
Updated information on the excitability of nerve cells, as well as the integrative and computational aspects of neural transmission.
Chapter 5: Synaptic Transmission, Drugs, and Chemical Neuroanatomy
Updated information on chemical transmission and a detailed discussion of chemical neuroanatomy (the distribution of neurotransmitters)
Chapter 6: Tolerance, Sensitization, Dependence, and Addiction
More emphasis on drug sensitization and the theoretical approaches to understanding drug taking and drug dependence
Chapter 7: Psychomotor Stimulants and Antiparkinsonian Drugs
New material on the motor effects of psychomotor stimulants and drug treatments for Parkinson’s disease
Chapter 8: Antipsychotic Drugs and Neurochemical Hypotheses of Schizophrenia
New material on the historical development of research on antipsychotic drugs and neurochemical theories of schizophrenia and their relative cognitive impairments
Chapter 9: Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers
Additional information provided on the motivational symptoms of depression and placebo effects in depression research
Chapter 10: Sedative-Hypnotics, Antiolytics, and Anticonvulsants
Additional information on alcohol research, specifically the importance of alcohol metabolism with research on the anxiolytic effects of drugs and anticonvulsants
Chapter 11: Drug Treatment of Cognitive Dysfunction
New focus with information on drug treatment of ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease

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