Test bank for Business Law Text Cases An Accelerated Course 14th Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller

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Test bank for Business Law Text Cases An Accelerated Course 14th Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Legal Environment of Business
Ch 1: Law and Legal Reasoning
1-1 Business Activities and the Legal Environment
1-2 Sources of American Law
1-3 The Common Law Tradition
1-4 Schools of Legal Thought
1-5 Classifications of Law
1-6 How to Find Primary Sources of Law
1-7 How to Read and Understand Case Law
Ch 2: Business and the Constitution
2-1 The Constitutional Powers of Government
2-2 Business and the Bill of Rights
2-3 Due Process and Equal Protection
2-4 Privacy Rights
Ch 3: Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution
3-1 The Judiciary’s Role in American Government
3-2 Basic Judicial Requirements
3-3 The State and Federal Court Systems
3-4 Alternative Dispute Resolution
3-5 International Dispute Resolution
Ch 4: Tort Law
4-1 The Basis of Tort Law
4-2 Intentional Torts against Persons
4-3 Intentional Torts against Property
4-4 Unintentional Torts-Negligence
4-5 Defenses to Negligence
Ch 5: Criminal Law and Cyber Crime
5-1 Civil Law and Criminal Law
5-2 Criminal Liability
5-3 Types of Crimes
5-4 Defenses to Criminal Liability
5-5 Criminal Procedures
5-6 Cyber Crime
Ch 6: Business Ethics
6-1 Business Ethics
6-2 Business Ethics and Social Media
6-3 Ethical Principles and Philosophies
6-4 Making Ethical Business Decisions
6-5 Global Business Ethics
Unit 2: Contracts
Ch 7: Nature and Terminology
7-1 An Overview of Contract Law
7-2 Elements of a Contract
7-3 Types of Contracts
7-4 Quasi Contracts
7-5 Interpretation of Contracts
Ch 8: Agreement in Traditional and E-Contracts
8-1 Agreement
8-2 Agreement in E-Contracts
8-3 The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
8-4 International Treaties Affecting E-Contracts
Ch 9: Consideration, Capacity, and Legality
9-1 Consideration
9-2 Contractual Capacity
9-3 Legality
Ch 10: Defenses to Contract Enforceability
10-1 Mistakes
10-2 Fraudulent Misrepresentation
10-3 Undue Influence
10-4 Duress
10-5 The Statute of Frauds-Writing Requirement
10-6 The Parol Evidence Rule
Ch 11: Third Party Rights and Discharge
11-1 Assignments and Delegations
11-2 Third Party Beneficiaries
11-3 Contract Discharge
Ch 12: Breach of Contract and Remedies
12-1 Damages
12-2 Equitable Remedies
12-3 Recovery Based on Quasi Contract
12-4 Waiver of Breach
12-5 Contract Provisions Limiting Remedies
Unit 3: The Commercial Environment
Ch 13: Intellectual Property Rights
13-1 Trademarks and Related Property
13-2 Patents
13-3 Copyrights
13-4 Trade Secrets
13-5 International Protection for Intellectual Property
Ch 14: Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy
14-1 Internet Law
14-2 Copyrights in Digital Information
14-3 Social Media
14-4 Online Defamation
14-5 Other Actions Involving Online Posts
14-6 Privacy
Ch 15: The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts
15-1 The Uniform Commercial Code
15-2 The Scope of Articles 2 (Sales) and 2A (Leases)
15-3 The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts
15-4 Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
Ch 16: Performance, Breach, and Warranties in Sales and Lease Contracts
16-1 Performance Obligations
16-2 Remedies of the Seller or Lessor
16-3 Remedies of the Buyer or Lessee
16-4 Sales and Lease Warranties
Unit 4: Agency and Business Forms
Ch 17: Agency Relationships in Business
17-1 Agency Law
17-2 Formation of the Agency Relationship
17-3 Duties of Agents and Principals
17-4 Agent’s Authority
17-5 Liability in Agency Relationships
17-6 Termination of an Agency
Ch 18: Small Businesses and Limited Liability Companies
18-1 General Considerations for Small Businesses
18-2 Sole Proprietorships
18-3 Partnerships
18-4 The Limited Liability Company
Ch 19: Corporations
19-1 Nature and Classification
19-2 Formation and Powers
19-3 Piercing the Corporate Veil
19-4 Directors and Officers
19-5 Shareholders
19-6 Major Business Forms Compared

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