Solution Manual For Visual Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual Main Version 1st Edition Sarikas

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Solution Manual For Visual Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual Main Version 1st Edition Sarikas

Table Of Contents

Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Exercise 1: Body Organization and Terminology
Exercise 2: Care and Use of the Compound Light Microscope
The Cell
Exercise 3: Cell Structure and Cell Division
Exercise 4: Membrane Transport
Introduction to Tissues and the Integumentary System
Exercise 5: Tissues
Exercise 6: The Integumentary System
The Skeletal System
Exercise 7: Introduction to the Skeletal System and the Axial Skeleton
Exercise 8: The Appendicular Skeleton
Exercise 9: Articulations
The Muscular System
Exercise 10: Introduction to Skeletal Muscle
Exercise 11: Muscles of the Head, Neck, and Trunk
Exercise 12: Muscles of the Upper and Lower Limbs
Exercise 13: Physiology of the Muscular System
The Nervous System
Exercise 14: Histology of Nervous Tissue
Exercise 15: The Brain and Cranial Nerves
Exercise 16: The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
Exercise 17: Human Reflex Physiology
Exercise 18: Special Senses
The Endocrine System
Exercise 19: The Endocrine System
Circulation: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
Exercise 20: Blood Cells
Exercise 21: Gross Anatomy of the Heart
Exercise 22: Anatomy of Blood Vessels
Exercise 23: Cardiovascular Physiology
Exercise 24: The Lymphatic System
The Respiratory System
Exercise 25: Anatomy of the Respiratory System
Exercise 26: Respiratory Physiology
The Digestive System
Exercise 27: Anatomy of the Digestive System
Exercise 28: Actions of a Digestive Enzyme
The Urinary System
Exercise 29: Anatomy of the Urinary System
Exercise 30: Urinary Physiology
The Reproductive Systems
Exercise 31: The Male Reproductive System
Exercise 32: The Female Reproductive System

[The CAT and PIG versions of the lab manual will each have ten additional dissection exercises.]

Cat Dissection Exercises

Exercise C1: Introduction to the Cat and Removal of the Skin
Exercise C2: Dissection of the Cat Muscular System
Exercise C3: Dissection of the Cat Peripheral Nervous System
Exercise C4: Dissection of the Cat Ventral Body Cavities and Endocrine System
Exercise C5: Dissection of the Cat Cardiovascular System
Exercise C6: Dissection of the Cat Lymphatic System
Exercise C7: Dissection of the Cat Respiratory System
Exercise C8: Dissection of the Cat Digestive System
Exercise C9: Dissection of the Cat Urinary System
Exercise C10: Dissection of the Cat Reproductive System

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