Solution Manual For Public Relations A Value Driven Approach 5th Edition David Guth

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Solution Manual For Public Relations A Value Driven Approach 5th Edition David Guth

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Table Of Contents

Each chapter includes QUICKBREAKS, Social Media Apps, a Values Statement, Case Studies, Summary, and Discussion Questions.
About the Authors
CHAPTER 1: What Is Public Relations?
Public Relations: Everywhere You Look
Marrying Theory and Practice
The Public Relations Process
The Role of Values in Public Relations
Values-Driven Public Relations
Memo from the Field: Gary McCormick, HGTV
CHAPTER 2: Jobs in Public Relations
Jobs in Public Relations: An Overview
Public Relations Activities and Duties
Where the Jobs Are
The Best Part of Public Relations Jobs
Memo from the Field: John Echeveste, Valencia Perez and Echeveste Public Relations
CHAPTER 3: A Brief History of Public Relations
Why History Is Important to You
Premodern Public Relations
The Seedbed Years
War and Propaganda
The Postwar Boom
The Information Age
The New Millennium
Memo from the Field: Edward M. Block
CHAPTER 4: The Publics in Public Relations
What Is a Public?
The Publics in Public Relations
What Do We Need to Know about Each Public?
The Traditional Publics in Public Relations
Memo from the Field: David A. Narsavage, The Friday Group
CHAPTER 5: Communication Theory and Public Opinion
The Power of Public Opinion
A Communication Model
Mass Communication Theories
Persuasion and Public Opinion
Memo from the Field: Jane Hazel, Health Canada
CHAPTER 6: Ethics and Social Responsibility in Public Relations
What Are Ethics?
Objectivity versus Advocacy: A Misleading Ethics Debate
Challenges to Ethical Behavior
The Rewards of Ethical Behavior
Trust and Corporate Social Responsibility
Beyond CSR: Strengthening Ethical Behavior
Memo from the Field: Mike Swenson, Barkley
CHAPTER 7: Research and Evaluation
Due Diligence
The Value of Research and Evaluation
Developing a Research Strategy: What Do I Want to Know?
Developing a Research Strategy: How Will I Gather Information?
Survey Research
Analyzing Survey Results
Memo from the Field: Dr. David B. Rockland, Ketchum
CHAPTER 8: Planning: The Strategies of Public Relations
The Basics of Values-Driven Planning
Different Kinds of Public Relations Plans
Why Do We Plan?
How Do We Plan?
Expanding a Plan into a Proposal
Qualities of a Good Plan
Memo from the Field: Timothy S. Brown, Alstom
CHAPTER 9: Communication: The Tactics of Public Relations
Tactics, Fun, and Values
Tactics as Messages and Channels
Tactics and Traditional Publics
Accomplishing the Tactics
Memo from the Field: Joshua Dysarts, Draftfcb
CHAPTER 10: Multimedia Message Development
The IDEA Idea
Idea Generation: The “I” of IDEA
Arrangement: The “A” of IDEA
Expression: The “E” of IDEA
Delivery: The “D” of IDEA
The Volunteer Clearinghouse News Releases
Memo from the Field: Regina Lynch-Hudson, The Write Publicist
CHAPTER 11: Cyber-Relations in the Digital Age
It’s All About You
The Digital Revolution
Why New Isn’t Always Better
Memo from the Field: Craig Settles,
CHAPTER 12: Crisis Communications
The Storm Before the Storm
The Anatomy of a Crisis
Crisis Communications Planning
Crisis Planning Ethics
Memo from the Field: Melanie Magara, Northern Illinois University
CHAPTER 13: Public Relations and Marketing
Public Relations and Marketing
The Impact of Consumer-Focused Marketing on Public Relations
A Closer Look at Marketing
A Closer Look at IMC
How IMC Works
Challenges to Consumer-Focused Marketing
Memo from the Field: Vin Cipolla, National Park Foundation
CHAPTER 14: Cross-Cultural Communication
Cultures: Realities and Definitions
Cultural Attributes
Cross-Cultural Communication: Definitions and Dangers
Achieving Successful Cross-Cultural Public Relations: A Process
Memo from the Field: Bill Imada, IW Group
CHAPTER 15: Public Relations and the Law
The Statue of Responsibility
Public Relations and the First Amendment
Federal Agencies That Regulate Speech
Litigation Public Relations
Memo from the Field: James F. Haggerty, The PR Consulting Group, Inc.
CHAPTER 16: Your Future in Public Relations
What’s Next?
Social Forces and Public Relations
Where Public Relations Is Headed
Your Future in Public Relations
Memo from the Field: Kevin J. Saghy, National President, PRSSA

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